I have been helping families in Vancouver, Washington with their estate planning, probate and elder law needs for over 20 years.  My office is located in Vancouver, WA.  


TRUST OR WILL – Which is Right for You?

Either a Will or a Living Trust will pass your assets to your family at your death. Both accomplish the job. Both have pluses and minuses. The most common “minus” cited for a Will is……….. Read More


PROBATE – An Explanation

Probate was created because some family members fight over the assets of an estate. To limit conflicts and make sure things are done correctly, the Superior Court Judge has been made the “traffic cop” to ……….. Read More


SECOND MARRIAGE – Special Planning Issues

In a second marriage, things may be a little rocky with your children from your first marriage and you want to make sure your spouse is protected from any trouble. An alternative scenario may be that your highest priority is to make sure your children inherit your estate and……….. Read More


MEDICAID PLANNING – In Case You Need Long Term Care

Some of us will have a time period prior to death when we lose our ability to think, act, and care for ourselves. What can you do legally ahead of time to make your incapacity easier on your family? The most important thing you can do is……….. Read More



With planning a married couple may use two exemptions from Washington estate tax. Without planning, the exemption of the first spouse to die is often lost.  There are a variety of techniques for limiting…… Read More



You can plan in your will for both your child’s physical care and financial well-being, if you pass away while your child is still young….. Read More

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